Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shoes... Can you blame her.

So, it was about 10:30 tonight and something just felt off, so I peeked in on Audrey and shockingly, she was not in her bed. All of a sudden this little head pops up on the far side of her bed. She was on the floor and I asked "what are you doing, why are you not in bed", stearnly. She then says" nothing mommy, nothing". She quickly flew back into the bed. I noticed as she franticly tried to stuff her feet under the covers that she was wearing her new shoes we had just bought. Now how can I be mad, that my daughter has snuck out of bed to try on her new shoes? I mean seriously, I would have been doing the same thing :D

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prozac & clubfoot said...

She was just proud of her new shoes.