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My proposal story!

Hey all! The folks over at are having a dvd giveaway contest. They are looking for the best proposal story to win a romantic dvd prize package in honor of the new release Definitely, maybe. You can also checkout for a $5 off coupon!

My husband and I met randomly through the aol member search directory in the summer of 1999. My husband is German and was not doing so hot in his English class, so he went in search of a pen pal to help him. I was 17 and he was 19. We talked for 9 months over the internet and on the phone. We thought it would be lots of fun to finally meet just as friends, so he flew in to Atlanta to take me to my senior prom! As soon as he stepped out of customs we were gone on each other. He scooped me up and twirled me around in his big german arms and called me his princess, in that super sexy accent. I melted! We fell for each other that weekend and decided to give the long distance relationship a chance. Two and a half years later we were both deep into our college studies and struggling through seeing each other only every 6 months or so but talking daily! He wanted me to feel secure in our relationship even though we were so far apart. So he wanted us to get engaged even though we wouldn't actually marry until we graduated. There was a huge obstacle in our way, the engagement ring! Engagement rings are more or less an American thing and Timothy didn't have much money, actually he had no money. Don't get me wrong I didn't expect anything huge but I knew I wanted some semblence of a ring, I mean doesn't every girl? Well, desperate Timothy wrote to a german tv show called love stories telling them that I was to visit that Christmas and that he desperately wanted to propose to me but that alas, he could not afford any kind of ring, and could they please help him. Well, unbeknownst to him they called me. They told me that Timothy had entered a contest for people with a great love story. The prize was the fullfillment of his secret wish and that we had won! They offered to fly me there and to surprise him with my presence and the fullfillment of his wish. They led me to believe that we were going on some great date to a fancy restaurant and show. They also told me that since I was under 21 I needed a video of my parents giving me permission to be on german tv. I thought that was odd since the drinking age was 14, and the driving age 18. But hey, they were offering to fly me for free to see my boyfriend so I didn't ask a lot of questions. They took their tv cameras to his University and pulled him out of class in front of all his peers and took him to the studio. I was unable to see what was going on during the show and was told that we were the last couple. Meanwhile at the beginning of the show they brought Timothy on and read his letter, they also read a letter of another girl who wanted a plane ticket to see her boyfriend who lived in the UK. Well, the two of them would have to compete to see who got what they wanted and only one could win. They brought out a huge plastic cow and had the two of them milk it. Whoever got the most milk won their specific prize (the plane ticket, or the ring). Well, they rigged it by putting a sponge in her side and Timothy won by a landslide. So he went to sit back down in his seat in the audience thinking he was done. At the end of the show, the host came back to Timothy and asked him now that you have the ring what will you do? Timothy replied that he would have to call my parents and ask them for permission to marry thier daughter, as is the American custom. Well, then the video I brought of my parents giving permission for me to be on tv played, it was actually their permission for us to get married. Timothy began to cry as my father told him welcome to the family! So the host then said "well, you have the ring and the permission, now what?" So timothy told them that I was to come at Christmas and he would propose to me then. The host then told Timothy that something had come early for Christmas, the stage doors opened and out I popped! Timothy dropped to his knee imediately, and gave the most beautiful unrehearsed suprise proposal ever! I shakily got out a yes, and he scooped me up once more twirled me around and we gave each other a great big kiss for all of Germany to see! We both graduated in December 2004 and were married May 2005. We just celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and are as much in love as ever!

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Communication is key ... my pet peeve!

The more I'm around other couples the more I learn about communication as a key in any relationship! My husband and I met on the internet over 8 years ago! we did nothing but talk to each other for 9 months before we ever met in person! Needless to say communication is not a problem for us. I'm completely comfortable telling my husband exactly what I'm thinking just about all the time and vice versa! I can't count the number of times I have had friends confide in me their problems with their men and the whole time I'm thinking did you tell him what you are telling me now? I mean honestly if it drives you absolutely nuts that he can't seem to put a new garbage bag in the can after taking out the trash then just tell him! Or, if you really really want diamond earrings for your birthday and you get new pajamas or a vaccuum cleaner that means you are not being clear, it is not all his fault! It is my experience that women understand subtleness and hints, in general men do not! If you want to be happy then you have to spell it out in no uncertain terms what it is that you want. Instead of wasting your breath complaining to your best girlfriend that your beau just won't give you a night off from diaper duty, feedings, and bathtime try telling him! I love that movie with Mel Gibson "what women want"! Well you know what men really want, a woman that will just tell them what's going on instead of speaking in code all the time! I see it with my own mom, she'll be complaining and saying I can't believe your father just did that, or forgot this or whatever, and I'm just thinking to myself the whole time well did you tell him ....
I keep seeing these articles about sexless marriages and how couples aren't intimate after they have children and I promise you it's not the kids fault ... it's a lack of communication! If you are in the mood TELL THE POOR GUY! If you are not in the mood, TELL HIM, do not fake anything because you just make him feel unattractive and inadequate! It is perfectly normal that after a long day of running after kids and being pounced on that you do not feel like being pounced on again and all you really want is a back rub and your pillow! Now, you can't always just want a back rub and your pillow and you'll find that as you open yourselves up to more communication that you will want more intimacy more frequently! I believe just about anything and everything can be fixed by communication and education! Just by being open, honest and communicating with your man you will also be educating him on how to love you and be the kind of husband that you want and vice versa.

Disclaimer: You cannot be too open about your mother in law, and there is a difference between communicating and nagging!

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Wordless Wednesday #3

I know this is supposed to be wordless but I have to use this opportunity to plug my little sis 'aka' the best aunt in the world! She's competing for 10k in scholarships in a couple weeks and for the title of Miss Tennessee to go onto the Miss America pageant ... She's a great gal and a hard worker. If y'all would just take a moment to stop by this link and cast a vote for the last girl, Miss Fall Fest, Victoria in the people's choice poll I would really appreciate it! You can also check out her website to learn more about her community service, education, and competition info!

4 countries in 4 weeks!

Wow am I tired. My little princess and I have done 4 countries in the last 4 weeks. I have to tell you, now that she's two and I can use the car seat on the plane boy is travel easier! I think the hardest time to travel by plane with a child is once they can walk until they turn two! When Audrey was itty bitty she'd sleep the whole flight in the little baby cot that attaches to the bulk head on the mother and child row. But once she could sit up and then stand up I couldn't sleep anymore because I had to worry about her waking up and getting out of the darn thing! And it only got harder when she out grew the baby cot and wasn't quite two. Audrey is a great little traveler, I guess because we are so seasoned at it but I gotta tell you being able to strap her in to her trusty car seat with no worries was the easiest least stressful travel we've ever had! I definitely recommend that if your child is not yet two and you can afford to purchase the other seat .... DO IT! It's worth every penny! We're still traveling so I'm lagging on the blogging but I'll get better next week when things slow down! Thanks for reading!