Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 countries in 4 weeks!

Wow am I tired. My little princess and I have done 4 countries in the last 4 weeks. I have to tell you, now that she's two and I can use the car seat on the plane boy is travel easier! I think the hardest time to travel by plane with a child is once they can walk until they turn two! When Audrey was itty bitty she'd sleep the whole flight in the little baby cot that attaches to the bulk head on the mother and child row. But once she could sit up and then stand up I couldn't sleep anymore because I had to worry about her waking up and getting out of the darn thing! And it only got harder when she out grew the baby cot and wasn't quite two. Audrey is a great little traveler, I guess because we are so seasoned at it but I gotta tell you being able to strap her in to her trusty car seat with no worries was the easiest least stressful travel we've ever had! I definitely recommend that if your child is not yet two and you can afford to purchase the other seat .... DO IT! It's worth every penny! We're still traveling so I'm lagging on the blogging but I'll get better next week when things slow down! Thanks for reading!

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