Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Great Unknown ... School

So my little Audrey is 2 and 6 months old this month. Come September 8th she will start school. When she was born I never thought I would send her to preschool until she was 3 almost 4. However, Audrey is VERY extroverted. She loves people and has no fear. She is always on average or above average when it comes to her develpmental skills especially language. I think that is mostly because she is getting two languages at home and because I have the luxury of being a fulltime mom. Anyway, my pediatrician has recommended that we put her in school. He says she needs it, and I'm inclined to agree. While my daughter is so excited about going to school I have fear, anxiety and trepidation with the impending start of a new chapter in her life. Here on the island we only had two choices. We can send her to one of the local village schools where they only speak greek and the facilities are government regulated or we could send her to the very pricey private schools that are available. Well, since my husband's company will pay for her schooling when she starts kindergarten we decided to front the costs for the private preschool til then. This is going to be one of my biggest challenges since moving abroad. She'll be learning on the English school system, which is "Greek" (hahaha) to me. As the "headmaster" was trying to explain the way it works to me I couldn't help but feel like a charlie brown character and he was the teacher .... It made absolutely no sense to me. Also, my daughter is required to wear a uniform. I'm adamently opposed to uniforms on any level of education except for inner city schools. However all schools on the island wear a uniform so the only way around that was to move or not go to school, neither of which were an option. I'm also worried that most of her classmates will be British or Russian and she is most likely to be the only American/German in class. I want my daughter to speak American English not the "Queen's" English. Not because I don't like the English (I could listen to Hugh Grant for hours :D) but because being so far from home it is a small partof her American heritage that I can pass on to her. I also don't want her self esteem effected negatively because she talks different. And, then of course I have all the other fears of what school will bring. Is she going to be Sick all the time? Can I manage without her for that long each day? What the heck do you pack in a preschooler's lunchbox? What should she have in her backpack? Is she going to be as happy as we think she will be? Is it the right choice to send her off to school so young? Is it worth the money? Will she get enough attention? Will she be bored? Will the teachers take good enough care of her, since I won't be there to see? Did I hem her skirt too short? Did I get her the right shoes for playing on the playground? Am I already "THAT" parent who causes the teachers/staff to run and hide when they see me coming? I know I must sound silly, but I know that is part of being a mommy too, right?

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Chic Shopper Chick said...

Oh wow. Just reading this gave me anxiety. Our Audrey is 18 months, and I can't imagine going through this in a year.

We are having the opposite problem. Audrey is learning French/English at home, and refuses to talk. She does use sign language on a regular basis, however. And she's not deaf, we know that.

You'll sort it all out. I'm sure you meet lots of other moms who will be going through the same thing.