Friday, August 8, 2008

Pet Allergies?!!?

A few days ago I posted about what I would do with the 3 puppies being offered for adoption by the wonderfuly ladies over at 5 minutes for Mom. Well, naturally I've been checking out the competition on all the comments and the Mr. Linky. I cannot tell you how my heart breaks for all the kids who are either allergic or have someone in their family who is allergic to pets! Well, I came from a family that always had pets, many pets and a house without a pet would just seem empty to me! So, today I am here to tell you all about my hypoallergenic cat, Barnie! Yes, you read right, Barnie is an allergen free cat! He is a purebred Russian Siberian and this breed of cat does not produce the allergen causing hormone. He's awesome, not only is he allergen free but this particular breed of cat are very large (small dog size), very fluffy and extremely cuddly! My husband's mother would never let him have a pet for I have no idea what reason. So 6 months before we got married I bought him his first kitten for Christmas. Well, a very long sad story later we had to put the kitten to sleep for health reasons. So, I was due to have our Audrey in 3 months time and I knew that having such a horrible experience with his first pet (My husband took it really really, extremely, tragically hard) that we had to get him a new kitten and fast. (The whole if you fall off the horse get right back on thing). So, this time rather than adopting a shelter cat I was going to a breeder for a full on health guarantee etc... Well, in all my reasearch I stumbled across an article on the russian siberian cats and it mentioned how they did not produce the allergenic dander and I thought to myself, what if our little girl who is due to arrive in 3 months happens to have allergies? So I did some more research, found a breeder and off we went to meet Barnie! I have to say his father Ivan sealed the deal. Ivan was the biggest bundle of love and fur I had ever seen. Not only was he easily the size of a small bulldog, he was not intimidated by the fact that there was only about an inch and a half of lap for him with my huge baby carrying belly. He popped right up in my lap and startedto purr and cuddle and I wanted to take him home right that instant, unfortunately Ivan was not available. So, then we were brought his son, soon to be Barnie. Now Barnie was fixed and not used for breeding so he is about half the size of his father Ivan but he is amazing. He is also an excellent "mouser". We don't have mice but anything that moves or crawls doesnt last long in our house. If i see a spider I don't get a shoe, I get Barnie. He can leap 4 ft into the air and catch a fly! So, I say if your kids want a bundle of fur to love, find a breeder and go do a test run, let your allergy stricken family member nuzzle one and see what happens. I have 3 close friends who visit often all with cat allergies, they have never had a problem cuddling Barnie.

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AJ said...

What a cute cat! I had no idea there was such a thing as an allergen free cat.