Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travel, Travel, Travel!

Well, the summer is almost over for us here and I was thinking back to all the travel we did this season! We started in Hamburg, Germany then on to Copenhagen Denmark, back to Hamburg and then on to the states! There were many highlights this summer, but I'll just give you a few of the quick highlights dealing with kids! If you are in Hamburg, Germany you absolutely must take your children to the Hagenbeck Tierpark, AKA the Hamburg zoo. This was an amazing experience! A must see is the ringtail lemur exhibit, because you will be part of the scenery! That's right you open this sliding warehouse type door and bam there are lemurs bouncing off thewalls, you, and your bags! It was awesome! Audrey thought that it was hysterical! The botanical gardens with their hugemongous childrens play area is also a must for the children!

She also loved feeding the elephants and the giraffes!
In Copenhagen, Audrey and I did the walking tour (me, by myself with a map walking and pushing the stroller) while Timothy was in conference. It was awesome! We were able to see all the "main" sites including the palaces with changing of the guard, the little mermaid statue, and the King's gardens. And, Audrey had a great time helping mommy read the map.

Finally, we made it stateside for two weeks with my parents at Sanibel Island, one of the most awesome family beach vacation spots in the U.S. It's secluded so the beaches are quiet and uncrowded! We went fishing, bike riding and shelling. After the break with my parents we drove to Atlanta to see my grandparents, where Audrey enjoyed a private tour of the aquarium. We then headed up to Tennessee to watch my sister compete for over 12k in Scholarship monies! She didn't win but she looked beauiful,performed awesome, and came home with $2700 for school! Then back to Florida for another 4 weeks of hanging with my mom and my sister, where we took Audrey for a special girls day only at MGM! She totally flipped for the new playhouse disney area!

For travel with a young child, this is my must have list ...

Ask for the baby cot on the plane if your child is under 12kilos. This is an arm saver even if the baby doesn't sleep! You still have a place to lay/sit the baby down for 2 seconds and give you two free hands to do whatever!

If you have to buy a seat for your 2+ child take an FAA approved carseat! This was awesome! Audrey was able to sleep comfortably and for a longer period of time than she had previously when she outgrew the cot and wasn't old enough for a seat.

Portable DVD player - This will keep the little one entertained for whatever part of the trip they are not sleeping!

A pacifier, - if your child does not use a pacifier than have some juice, water, a bottle, or succer or whatever handy for when the plane is taking off, landing, or experiencing turbulence. Audrey has never ever had a problem with her ears on a plane because I have always been ready with her pacifier or bottle. If this fails, remember that yawning is contagious, make sure your child is looking dead at you and give a nice big convincing fake yawn, this works I have used it several times!

A blanket, -the planes get cold and nothing is more comforting to your child than a familier "blankie" from home.

Rely on the cabin crew. You paid to be on the flight and for their services, many of them are mothers and will understand or empathisize with your situation. If you really really need to use the toilet and the baby is asleep, more than likely, they will sit in your seat while you relieve yourself and watch your child. Don't be afraid to ask for help, Don't be afraid to take your tray to the cabin crew when you are immediately finished eating. A few bad news stories still mean that 90+% of the cabin crew are friendly and willing to help!

Enjoy your trips and travel!

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