Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm behind!

Boy am I ever behind on my blog! Audrey started school, ballet and restarted her swim lessons all in the same week. We also had the desert winds from Egypt bring over all their extra dust particles which have made us all sick! There was so much dirt blowing around it was "foggy" outside but no precipitation! And, on top of all that I've just been made head organizer of our American group here and Timothy is out of town. I planned two baby showers, and our first club meeting in the last two weeks too! So, my poor blog has suffered! Audrey has been doing fairly well with starting school. Actually, she loves everything about it except the part where I leave! she didn'treally seem to care at first and the she realized this was a permanet situation and all heck broke loose. She's such a little actress and sometimes just too smart for her own good. She pitches an all out screaming violent fit until about 30 seconds after I leave, then I peek in and she's laughing and painting. On her third full day this week on the way to school she pulled off her button on her uniform, she actually thought I'd take her home to fix it. Seriously, what kid does that? Devious little booger, isn't she? Here are some photos of our first day at school! Enjoy!

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