Monday, September 1, 2008


I love purses! As far as materialistic things that really get me excited, purses and stillettos are top of the list! The lovely ladies of understand my infatuation ... or addiction! They are giving away a beautiful Elliott Lucca clutch! Me Likey and Me Want! When I was a broke high school and college student, my handbags were nothing so fantastic, whatever pretty little tote I could fish out of the clearance bin at the department store. Well, then I got married and my husband, beautiful fashion conscious European that he is, understands and feeds my passion! The first bag he ever bought me was my Louis Vuitton marakame speedy! I love that purse, and I love the way other women turn green with envy when I carry it! Then when I became pregnant I discovered the most beautiful, most wonderful diaper bag ever fashioned, the Juicy couture Heaven on Earth Diaper bag! I love it! I have carried it everyday for two and a half years and it still looks fabulous and I still get compliments when I carry it! I have several guess bags for everyday and for my birthday I got a beautiful new Juicy bag! I just went on a fantastic shopping spree in the states while I was home and grabbed all kinds of fantastic bags on sale. I mostly carry Juicy couture, BeBe and guess bags because I really like the styles that these particular brands fashion! The lines, the leather, and the shape get me every time, they truly are an everyday work of art! I love handbags and love how great I feel carrying them! So, I in no way need this purse, but I would definitely enjoy it and give it a wonderful home. If you are as addicted as I am go here and enter for your chance to win the beautiful raspberry clutch on display over at momdot!

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